Trows House
Trows Lane
OL11 2UF
phone: 01706 656161
mobile: 07725 267848
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mission statement
hours & fees

opening hours

We are open between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

fees & charges


Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm £5 per hour (includes breakfast and lunch)
If you would like dinner as well it will be at an added cost of £2 per meal

Late pickups are £5 every 15 minutes you are late unless a valid reason has been given.

All fees are reviewed on a regular basis and may change, but plenty of notice will be given.

non-payment of fees

Fees not being paid will result in your child’s place being withdrawn and you will be required to remove them from our setting immediately without notice being given.

If you no longer require our services for any reason then we ask you to please give us at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing before you remove your child from our setting. If we can no longer look after your child for any reason then we will give you 4 weeks’ notice in writing prior to your child leaving unless it is through non-payment.

meal times

We will provide the children with a breakfast, a cooked lunch and an afternoon snack depending on the hours of attendance.


When your child is coming to me for a morning session, all day, before school or during breakfast hours (7:30 – 8:15am) then we will provide them with a breakfast which will consist of a choice of cereal, toast or fruit with milk, water or fresh fruit juice to drink.


If your child is attending our setting for a morning session, all day, or during lunchtime (11:30) then we will provide a cooked meal for them, a dessert, milk or water to drink.

Afternoon Snack

If your child is attending in the afternoon, all day, or after school then a snack will be provided, this will usually consist of something such as, sandwiches, beans on toast, fruit, cheese on crackers etc, with a drink (please remember that this will only be a snack).


Parents are asked to bring babies bottles already made up, once your baby is weaned food will be provided or you can bring your own for us to give them if you wish.


If your child will not be attending our setting on a day they usually would then please could you notify us in advance if it is for a holiday or an appointment etc. If the reason for absence is illness then please could you telephone us as soon as possible and let us know what is wrong and when you expect they will be well enough to return.

Legally we are required to record all absences and the reason for the absence. If your child is ill on the morning they should be attending our setting then please keep them at home and let us know.

sickness in our care

If your child becomes unwell in our care then we will inform you, and it may require you to pick up your child for the health and safety of the other children in our care, if we cannot contact you then we will contact the emergency contact numbers that you have supplied me.

To control infection and illness within our setting we have included in our policies and procedures a recommended time period your child should remain away from our setting after certain illnesses.